Tips for a Great Scholarship Application Packet: 


Scholarship application packets are similar to college admissions materials. There are a variety of scholarships to chose from including academic, volunteer based, community based, for first generation college students, women and people of color.

  • Use sources on and off campus/high school.
  • Start early and record deadlines!
  • If you have DACA status, first make sure you chose scholarships that don’t have a citizenship or FAFSA requirement. This will narrow down your options to scholarships that you are more likely to qualify for.

 A scholarship packet will generally require:


  • Answer the essay question directly/precisely and support your answer with examples.
  • Stick to word limit and follow essay directions.
  • Don’t be afraid to be yourself!
  • Get help from trusted teachers, professors, family and friends.
  • Save your work and get organized! Save essays, resumes, cover letters for future use.
  • Edit, edit, edit! Proofread all of the materials at least twice!

Letters of Recommendation: It can be intimidating to ask someone for a letter of recommendation. However, for scholarships, professional job applications, and even internships, it must be done. Here are some ways to make this process less painful and increase your chances of obtaining the strongest letter possible.

  • Request that your recommender write you a “strong” letter of recommendation.
  • Ask for the reference at least one month in advance.
  • Chose recommenders (teachers, faculty advisors, mentors, coaches) that know your work academically and socially.
  • Involve your potential letter writers in your work! Keep them informed, or if possible, get them involved in your extracurricular and volunteer activities or work your are passionate about. People that see your work are best positioned to write you strong letters of recommendation.
  • Be organized! Provide your reference with everything that will make it easier to write a strong letter of recommendation (detailed resume, complete scholarship application, current grades, and any papers written for professor’s class).
  • Be confident!
  • If requesting via e-mail, make sure to use professional language.

National Scholarships Sources:

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Educators for Fair Consideration (F4FC)

Washington State Scholarship Resources:

College Success Foundation’s Leadership 10000 Scholarship

Latino/a Educational Achievement Project