General Requirements for University & College Admissions: 

  • English – 4 Years
  • Math – 3 Years
  • Social Sciences – 3 Years
  • Foreign Language – 2 Years
  • Science – 2 Years
  • Arts -0 .5 Years
  • Academic Electives: 0.5 Years

The above are just general requirements. Individual colleges and universities have their own requirements. Princeton, for example, requires four years of math, not three, and at least two years of a lab science. So remember to double check the individual college or university course admissions requirements to make sure you are on the right path.

Admissions Essays: Worrying about the general admissions requirements, finishing classes, graduating, taking the SATs…. wow, its all stressful enough. But don’t neglect the admissions essay. The essay is one of the most important pieces of the college admission packet. Take time to write the essay, don’t start it a week before your  packet is due. Start early and edit, edit, edit!

You don’t have to to this alone. Contact trusted teachers, advisors, family, and friends to review your essays for grammar and voice. Ultimately, this is your opportunity to demonstrate who you are. Writing essays are like painting a picture of who you are, your experiences, and your potential, to the admissions’ committee.

Submit ALL the essays listed on the college application. Don’t just write the mandatory essays. Some colleges and universities will give extra admission points just for writing the optional essay. Write it, review it, and give yourself plenty of time to make the necessary changes.

Extracurriculars: College admissions is competitive. How can you make your application stand out? Get involved! Colleges and universities are becoming more and more holistic in their approach to reviewing and accepting college applicants. Having extra curricular activities like community volunteer work, sports participation, and clubs can make a huge difference in the admissions process. Keep a list of all your extracurricular activities, year and month you were involved, and write a short description about the work you did, how you were involved and the type of organization/club/sport that you were involved in.

Sample Activities and Awards List for College AP. The great thing about starting a list of activities is that it can serve as a template for later use as a resume.

SAT/ACT: Take the SAT exam Junior and Senior year of high school. The SAT is offered six times each year in the months of January, March, May, June, October, November and December. See the College Board for More info on registration deadlines and test dates.


  • FAFSA – January
  • FAFSA 2013_2014 Deadlines
  • Individual College/University Admission Deadlines – Many colleges and universities have admissions deadlines that run from December through March.