As people are organizing and mobilizing across the nation to confront the challenges to immigration and values of due process, here is a basic strategy you can take part in as a DACA status holder:

If you have DACA, speak to your current/past employers and ask them to write their members of Congress and Senators.

Employers should state in their letters that they don’t want DACA repealed. Letters should speak about the value that DACA employees bring to the business/job. The more personal, the better. These letters can include stories about how DACA employees contributed to the business and how employers have invested in their employees, etc…

It’s crucial to keep in mind that employers have relied on DACA beneficiaries for their businesses. Therefore, employers can emphasize on how repealing DACA will negatively affect their individual businesses and the economy.

Lastly, encourage employers and local businesses to follow-up with their congresspeople and representatives. Remember, the letters should be on the company’s letterhead.

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