What I have experienced this past week has been nothing short of a nightmare turned to reality. My mind races and my heart beats fast, full of anxiety. I am truly devastated, shocked, frightened and heartbroken. I can’t accept that a person that stands for so much hate and bigotry could be supported in this way. This newly elected president feels like a repeat version of George Wallace, the southern segregationist that ran on a presidential platform of white supremacy in the 1960s. Wallace has numerous hateful quotes, but the one that sticks in my head is what he spoke during his inaugural address as governor of Alabama in which he stated, “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” (Wallace, 1963 Inaugural Address). These words reinforced and reflected the hatred and racism of the times. Today, seems like little has changed.

But we can’t afford to stand still. I can’t afford to remain frozen. I attended a rally in my community last night and it was amazing how many people were there, supporting each other, crying, chanting. It made me feel less alone. As we heal and get past this shock, we have to be active now more than ever. To protect our rights, our safety, and protect our future.

I will continue doing what is in my power to create change continue working for our community. I will continue posting legal and educational resources and information in this forum. I also urge readers out there to forward any resources they have so we can disseminate and share the information more widely.

In the spirit of this, please see the following link for scholarships for undocumented students by Carolina Valdivia in her blog My (un)documented life: Scholarships. Please feel to share and distribute widely.

In solidarity,