Executive Action Guide.

I just spoke to the most motivated and tenacious undergraduate student seeking to go to law school. This student is not only incredibly intelligent, well rounded, and community-oriented, but also brave. This student is a DACA student. I was contacted because, having gone to law school myself, I am have insights into many of the do’s and dont’s about the admissions’ process and what types of funding are available once you are admitted.

But more importantly, the conversation reminded me of why I do the pro-bono work that I do, why I decided to go back to school, and why I want to focus on immigration law and policies. The conversation inevitably turned to the difficulty in finding affordable legal representation for the undocumented and the importance of attorneys in doing their part to protect the rights of the most vulnerable. I realized in this conversation that although I may not single-handedly be able to solve every immigration problem, I can still contribute to possible solutions through legal representation and scholarly work. Although this student called seeking my help, they actually inspired me and motivated to keep working and fighting those battles, even when they get difficult, and that even a little help goes a long way.

With that in mind. I want to share The Immigration and Policy Center’s Executive Action Guide published March 13, 2015. It features an overview of the Executive Action, citizenship, and immigration enforcement, among other important issues to know about.