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May 2014

To reform or not to reform… is that the immigration question??

Every time I read the news I get more and more mixed messages about immigration reform, who supports it and when (if ever) it will pass. Why all the mixed signals? Are the nation’s leaders that ambivalent? Or is this a political strategy? More importantly, will immigration reform (or failure) lead to a major party change for Latinos? What does this all this inaction mean for current and future Latino voters? I recently came across a study conducted by the Latino Decisions regarding the changing views of young Latino citizens with regards to the Democratic Party. (See “Mass deportations are alienating young Latino voters from the Democratic Party”). Young Latino voters are aware of current immigration enforcement measures. They feel the impact of these policies in their homes and communities. The research indicates that the current immigration enforcement policy can potentially alienate young voters for decades to come, so why are they still apprehensive? National leaders need to stop sending mixed signals and wake up.




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