Tired of reading immigration news that merely finger-points who is to blame for failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform? Is Obama to blame? The GOP? Does it even matter? Or is this back and forth all about who will take the credit for immigration reform passage? The GOP recognizes that it will have to address immigration reform if it hopes to acquire Latino votes (Charles Schumer Promises Immigration Reform). They recognize that Latino voters have influence and they matter. A look at this Latino Vote Map will give some perspective on the impact and influence of Latino votes.

Yet, the most immediate impact of immigration reform or its lack of passage are the undocumented immigrants themselves. Where is their voice? How can we make sure that it is being heard in the immigration debate? At the end of the day, immigrants just want a humane and immigration reform bill to pass. Undocumented students want hope for the future, undocumented people want security that they will not be deported just for being undocumented, respect for worker rights, and families want the security that they will not be separate from their loved ones just for lacking documentation. The only way to achieve this is by changing the current immigration laws (recognized by both sides as broken). The time is now. Lets move beyond the blame game and follow through with the promises of immigration reform.